Monday, October 20, 2014

R.I.P., SiteMeter

As I noted in my earlier Real Blogger Status post, I've always advocated use of redundancy in essential services - and that included using SiteMeter and StatCounter, in a complementary role of monitoring visitor activity, in my various blogs.

Unfortunately, SiteMeter has chosen to attach video advertisements to their blog / website click agents, which subjects each blog visitor randomly to having unwanted (and invisible) videos played, each time they click on a blog link. I consider this action truly unconscionable.

Not wishing to subject my visitors (if any of you remain my visitors) to intermittent CPU and bandwidth drain, and mysterious unwanted audio, when visiting my blogs, I am in the process of removing the SiteMeter agent from each blog.

My apologies to each of you, for this obnoxious commercial malfeasance.