Thursday, November 26, 2009

Troubleshoot Custom Domain Problems

OK, due to some demand, I am starting a referential diagnostic guide, for troubleshooting problems with custom domains. It's going to be a bit high level for a while, and look like an outline (Cliff's Notes?) while I develop it. After I have a while to fill in the holes, I'll make it pretty.

So be patient, and let me get the top level issues stated, first. Ask in Blogger Help Forum, for help using the procedures.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three Years Ago

and a few days, I got a strange email - from Jordan, at Blogger Support.
You have helped us out tremendously with your Blogger expertise, personal knowledge base and help articles, and support for the members of the Help Group. We really do appreciate what you do - as does everyone in the group!
And that is where the Blog*Star program started for me.

Some other day, I'll go into how I got started originally, helping in the Help Group.

It's been a strange, and wonderful, 3 years. Both Jordan, and later Gatsby, have been great contacts, and have provided major assets to the Blog*Star program.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogger Is Part Of A World Community

And that's one thing that excites me tremenduously. Here we have the people of the world, communicating directly with other people of the world. But along with the excitement from the communication, we get a challenge.

I'm a citizen of the USA, and I speak English, as do most of the readers of my blogs. But, not everybody in the world community speaks English. The English language not only doesn't have a majority in the community, it's not even the single most commonly spoken language. WikiPedia shows English in 4th place, behind Mandarin Chinese, Hindu / Urdu, and Spanish.

If I'm going to reach out into the world, I have to speak other languages in my blogs.

Almost two years ago, I started doing just that, when I had an immediate need to make my post Phishing Attack Warning Messages From Kaspersky Internet Security available in Russian. I found a publicly available front end for the Google Translator, enhanced the front end design, and published it as my Cumulus Translator Bar.

Working with Roberto of RobertosBlogs Dot Net, we now have a translator bar that uses the Google Translator, and supports any of 54 world languages.

Check out the install instructions for the English Translator Bar, here.

That's the beginning.

This week, we take a new direction, to Cumulus In Your Language. We're starting, with a "French to 54 Languages" translator bar. The "French to 54 Languages" capability is being tested in a blog that is published in French; if you have a blog that's published en Francais, you might want to try it out.

We're hoping to make additional languages available, as demand and resources exist.

Now, we provide translation for blogs not published in English, as well.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The World Community Includes Some Bad Guys

Along with the people of the world communicating directly with the other people of the world, Blogger hosts some people of very questionable character. Various criminals are using Blogger, to host blogs containing material dedicated to hacking attacks, and to distribution of porn and spam. Not so long ago, if you used the "Next Blog" link in the navbar more than a couple clicks, you'd get an eyeful.

Last week, Blogger took a major step forward, and eliminated the hacking, porn, and spam problem in "Next Blog".

Between that change, and the overall styling and content change made to the navbar, made earlier this month, I see a major improvement in making BlogSpot a place where people of all ages can surf, safely.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Members Of The Blogger Community Have To Protect Themselves

And that includes retaining control of their blogs, on their own. If you have a car, you don't give a spare set of car keys to the police, for when you leave your keys at home. Nor do you give a spare set of house keys to the homeowners association. You keep your own car keys, and house keys, under your control.

If we're going to have blogs, have them provided for us in perpetuity, and enjoy publishing anonymously (at our discretion), we have to maintain control of our blogs. Blogger can't provide password resets gratuitously or repeatedly. Our keys to our blogs are our responsibility.

Please, exercise that responsibility.