Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Into The New Post Editor And Designer Templates Slowly, Or Quickly

How you start using the new post editor, and the new designer templates, is up to you. You can go slowly, or quickly - just know the possibilities, and the issues that affect your choice.

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  1. I have a feeling that when Blogger ousts the old editor, there are going to be a lot of pissed off blog owners. I created a blog way back with a new designer template and the new editor. Since I typically use HTML, boy was I nauseated when my post published void of spaces, despite "space holders" (which worked wonderfully with the old editor). With the new editor I have to paste in the Compose Window, which happily adds spaces between my paragraph alignment codes, causing huge spaces between paragraphs. I have go in and manually delete them. More work in this editor. NOT user friendly. Yet. And when I choose for it NOT to add the BR codes, it does it anyway.

    Now I fear that when the switch occurs (even though I'm using the new editor on the old blogs), I fear hundreds of posts will be a jumbled mess void of any spacing.

    And there's an issue with the designer template: black looks like taupe when trying to customize my post backgrounds. It was fine originally but last week I went in to find out the background color code so I could match it to a link color and the stupid Designer colors were out of sync. The color that shows in the box (before you click to customize) and in the blog colors used box aren't the same color as what ends up on your blog. The colors are several degrees off. How aggravating. Whoever's tinkering with the colors, please keep your mitts off!

    Err...sorry for the rant....