Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where's The "B"?

In 1984, the Wendy's hamburger chain asked
Where's the beef?
Today, thanks to the inconsistent deployment of the Template Designer in Production Blogger, I'm going to ask
Where's the "B"?

The "B" logo is so inconspicuous, yet so useful. And, thanks to the schizophrenic "Design" link, could be even more useful - if it were part of the Template Designer, which it is not.


  1. Pardon, but the Blogger logo is butt ugly, and I'd never miss it. Perhaps if it came in fashionable colors and style choice like let me add bunny ears and an adorable cottontail, I could warm up to their logo a wee bit. The toolbar could use a bit of spiffing up, as well. Again, color choice would be exceedingly appreciated.

  2. The "B" is a style coup. It's "ugly", because it is a "techie" font - and Blogger, for all of its bells and whistles, is a techie product.

    It's a logo. Logos do not have to be sleek to be pretty. They only have to be symbolic. But they do need to be consistently present - and by leaving the "B" off the Template Designer page, Blogger created an inconsistency which is disturbing.

  3. I would like to change my favicon too. But what if everyone changed it? How much more processing power would that require? What would be the end result of letting us change the favicon?