Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Google+ - The End Approaches

Yesterday, Google announced their recent business decision - to close the "consumer" portion of Google+ in 2019.

The decision was supposedly based jointly on one major security flaw, previously undisclosed - and on the frequently stated perception that low usage of Google+ justifies it being shutdown.

Google makes mistakes, as it moves ahead. Closing Google+ would be a major mistake.

Google makes business decisions, because it is a business.

Google+ is more than a business product - and to close it, based purely on a business decision, is a mistake. Possibly, the biggest one made, in the history of Google.

The mixture of common and differing abilities, cultures, geographies, interests, professions, technologies, and other demographic details makes Google+ more powerful than any competing social network - and more than either a business or a consumer product, alone.

Google is making a business mistake.

Google+ has a unique community of multiple people, with multiple interests - and Google+ is an important part of the Google suite of services.

You can expand your community of friends, based on a common interest - and you can expand your interests, based on your community of friends. As your community expands, so do your interests, your friends community, and your friends interests.

Everybody's communities and interests expand, constantly. Part of the expansion involves Google+ being one service, in the Google suite of services.

People who are interested in religion come to Google+, discuss religion, learn about Blogger, and become Blogger "customers". People interested in medicine come to Google+, discuss medicine, learn about GMail, and become GMail "customers". People interested in music come to Google+, discuss music, learn about YouTube, and become YouTube "customers". And so on.

And as the communities expand, other Google services get additional "customers".

Google is more than any competing business.

Both FaceBook, SoundCloud, and WordPress compete with Google, for their special niche in the Internet - but neither service can compete with the entire Google services suite. And Google+ is an essential part of the Google services suite.

With Google+ discontinued, everybody loses - including Google.

We'll endure, though. There are various other social networks available.

Get involved, please.

Do not go gentle.

A petition was started, yesterday. Sign the petition, please.

Rage, against the dying.

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